Get-MgUser -Filter example code.

Get-MgUser -Filter Example

The Get-MgUser command comes with a filtering function just like, e.g., Get-ADUser. But if you’re expecting the power of the Get-ADUser LdapFilter switch or the PowerShell expression language Filter switch, then you’re in …

Connect-MgGraph Scopes

Connect-MgGraph -Scopes

For many admins, the use of ‘Scopes’ is a new addition to Office 365 PowerShell’ing. The Scopes parameter was introduced with the Microsoft Graph PowerShell API, but the concept of …

Configure SharingPermissionFlags with Easy365Manager, PowerShell, or Outlook.


The SharingPermissionFlags attribute on Exchange Online calendar folder permissions controls the level of delegate access to the mailbox calendar. There are two things to keep in mind when configuring SharingPermissionFlags: …