Here you find free admin tools to make your admin life easier!

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AD Dynamic Groups

DynamicGroups – Active Directory Dynamic Groups

With DynamicGroups you can automate your Active Directory group memberships. Use powerful LDAP filters to automatically add users to your AD groups. With DynamicGroups you don’t need to manually maintain your groups anymore! Comes with extensive documentation.

IP Lookup Service – With Web Part

The Easy365Manager IP Lookup Service will show your geographical location on a 3D globe that you can rotate and zoom using your mouse.

A list with detailed IP information is included. You can use the service on your own web page by including a simple iframe web part

Check Tenant Name Validity and Availability

Easily check if your desired tenant name is available using either the web page or the programmatic web API.

Read guidelines on how to choose a good tenant name that will serve you well now and in the future.

.Net Framework Version Checker

PowerShell script that lists all .Net Framework versions installed on your system.

Useful for troubleshooting applications that require a particular version of the .Net Framework to be present on your system.