AD Dynamic Groups


Create Dynamic Groups in Active Directory

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Version 1.0.0, published on 6/10/2020

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With DynamicGroups you can now create dynamic groups in Active Directory.

Dynamic groups automatically update their group membership based on user attributes or user placement. The benefit is less administration and better security.

Examples of user selection based on user attributes:

  • Select all users that have the department attribute set to ‘sales’
  • Select all users that have the country attribute set to ‘US’

Examples of user selection based on user placement:

  • Select all users in OU=Denmark,OU=Countries,OU=CorpUsers,DC=MyCompany,DC=Local
  • Select all users in OU=Marketing,OU=Departments,DC=MyCompany,DC=Local

Dynamic Groups are defined by either an LDAP filter or a scope – or a combination of both.

Please refer to the documentation for complete details on how to install and configure the DynamicGroups service.