Easy365Manager v2.0 aka EasyEntra

EasyEntra screenshot

We’re super excited to make the first public announcement of our new revolutionary Entra ID management tool: EasyEntra.

EasyEntra is version 2.0 of our popular tool Easy365Manager, which daily helps more than 5,000 admins make their Entra ID user support a breeze.

EasyEntra sets a new standard for ease of management. Whether running a hybrid (synchronized) environment or cloud-only, EasyEntra will allow you to perform fast and efficient user support from a unified, intuitive console.

EasyEntra is particularly good news for MSPs as EasyEntra supports managing any number of tenants with super-fast switching between tenants.

Consolidated Management

With EasyEntra, we continue our winning strategy of consolidating first-level user support.

On-premises account settings, Entra ID user and license management, and Exchange Online Management all occur in the same intuitive and highly responsive console.

The following live recording shows how to use EasyEntra to configure Full Access permissions on the Exchange Online mailbox of a cloud-only user:

EasyEntra is planned for release in Q1 2024. Easy365Manager continues to be fully updated and supported.

If you would like to receive further updates, learn more details for your news channel, or join our beta-testing program and help shape the future of Entra ID management, please write to support@easy365manager.com.