Get-ADUser - Get an overview of the most powerful PowerShell command for Active Directory!


The Get-ADUser PowerShell CmdLet is a powerful command to query Active Directory user objects and generate reports. This article provides examples of the most widely used parameters for Get-ADUser. Pre-Requisites …

New-RemoteMailbox step-by-step work flow


In a hybrid Office 365 environment, the New-RemoteMailbox CmdLet is often used to provision an on-premises user with an Office 365 mailbox. The New-RemoteMailbox CmdLet will create an on-premises user …

Get-MgUser -Filter example code.

Get-MgUser -Filter Example

The Get-MgUser command comes with a filtering function just like, e.g., Get-ADUser. But if you’re expecting the power of the Get-ADUser LdapFilter switch or the PowerShell expression language Filter switch, then you’re in …