Feature List

Easy365Manager Office 365 Management Tool Feature List

Perform the following Office 365 tasks directly from Active Directory Users & Computers:

  • Create Office 365 user mailboxes
  • Create Office 365 shared mailboxes (without on-prem to Office 365 migration)
  • Create Office 365 room or equipment mailboxes
  • Convert mailbox type (user, room, equipment or shared)
  • Create mail-enabled users in Office 365 (users with external mail addresses)
  • Configure mailbox aliases
  • Hide the mail address from address lists
  • See the mailbox usage
  • Edit storage limits
  • Enable forwarding (configure delivery options)
  • Set delivery restrictions (approved or rejected senders and message size limits)
  • Assign access permissions (mailbox delegation)
  • Force Azure AD Connect synchronisation to Office 365 (one-click synchronization)
  • Bulk edit Office 365 properties from Active Directory Users & Computers
  • Copy user properties based on Active Directory template (right click & copy user)
  • Set or change the user picture in Office 365
  • Set the preferred language in Office 365
  • Assign/remove Office 365 licenses and service plans
  • View the number of used and available Office 365 licenses
  • Configure primary SMTP aliases (proxyAddresses)
  • Edit custom attributes (extensionAttributes)
  • More features in development