Easy365Manager webinars are designed to help you get started using Easy365Manager and to better understand how to use it most effectively.

Want to know how to download and install Easy365Manager? How it integrates with Azure AD Connect, or how you easily decommission users and mailboxes?

Select from the videos below or schedule an online demo.

How to Manage Meeting Rooms – Like a Boss!

Total time: 18’45” – English subtitles.


01:32 How to book a meeting room in Outlook ‘the old way’.
03:03 How to book a meeting room in Outlook using Room Finder.
06:03 What components are needed to get the most out of Room Finder?
07:23 How to configure Meeting Rooms – Easy365Manager vs. Exchange Admin Center.
14:19 How to configure Room Lists – Easy365Manager vs. Exchange Admin Center.
16:33 Important things to consider when setting up Room Finder.

General presentation of Easy365Manager that covers the most common questions we’ve encountered during our many live demos.

Total time: 21’29” – English subtitles.


00:26 What is Easy365Manager?
04:10 Download and installation
05:39 Initial configuration
07:23 Azure AD Connect synchronization
11:55 Contact and Group management
14:09 User off-boarding
17:56 Exchange on-premises removal?

Download, installation, and configuration of Easy365Manager.

Total time: 3’09” – English/German/French subtitles.

Short video that shows, step-by-step, how to:

  • Register for a free 30-day trial on www.easy365manager.com.
  • Download and install Easy365Manager.
  • First-run configuration of Microsoft Graph PowerShell consent and EXO credentials.

Detailed review of Easy365Manager auto-reply management and how it compares to Outlook and Exchange Admin Center.

Total time: 9’09” – English subtitles.


00:23 Introduction
01:12 Auto-reply seen from Outlook
02:42 Auto-reply seen from the Exchange Admin Center
05:12 Auto-reply seen from Easy365Manager
06:35 Multi-object editing with Easy365Manager

Create a shared mailbox with Easy365Manager.

Total time: 5’20” – English subtitles.


01:02 Creating the shared mailbox account in on-premises AD.
01:58 Creating the synchronized Azure AD account as a shared mailbox user.
03:04 Setting up shared mailbox delegation.
03:46 Verifying the configuration in Exchange on-premises.
04:16 Verifying the configuration in Exchange Online.