Buy Easy365Manager

This is How You Buy Easy365Manager

If the fully functional 30-day trial version of Easy365Manager meets your expectations, you can buy a license from the payment link in Easy365Manager settings.

Buying Easy365Manager online using a credit card will immediately license the software (no need to insert a license key or re-install).

Follow the steps below to purchase your Easy365Manager license online.

Easy365Manager pricing is available here.

If you wish to buy Easy365Manager using a purchase order and bank transfer, please get in touch with

Step 1:

Retrieve the license payment link by opening (any) user properties in AD Users & Computers, select the Office 365 tab, click on the configuration cog in the bottom right corner, and click on Buy/Renew from the Settings form:

Buy Easy365Manager - step 2

Click on the link to go to the license purchase site:

Step 2:

Purchase your license by selecting the number of years to purchase, updating the billing information according to your needs, and processing the payment.

(You can also copy the URL and send it to your finance department for processing.)

After you click pay, you’ll be shown a payment confirmation notification.

Additionally, we will email a formal invoice to the email address used in the order form shortly after payment.

Easy365Manager is immediately licensed, and you can confirm the new expiration date in Easy365Manager settings after restarting AD Users & Computers:

For any assistance, please reach out to