Manage Email Attributes, Office 365 Licenses, and Mailboxes Directly From the AD Users & Computers Admin Tool
Easy365Manager Features Save Time
Save Time

Easy365Manager allows you to do all email, Office 365 license, and mailbox management inside the Active Directory Users & Computers management console.
Easy365Manager Features Save Money
Save Money

Easy365Manager eliminates the need for Exchange on-premises and immediately removes costs associated with the OS license, power, and server management.
Easy365Manager Features Reduced Attack Surface
Reduced Attack Surface

By removing your on-premises Exchange Server, you get 100% protection from future zero-day exploits like Hafnium.
Easy365Manager Features Small Footprint
Not Another Interface

Easy365Manager integrates with AD Users & Computers, saving you the burden of learning a new user interface.
Secure by Default

Easy365Manager uses OAuth2 to authenticate with Office 365 and supports using individual admin credentials, so that all actions can be tracked.
Easy365Manager Features Small Footprint
Minimal Footprint

Easy365Manager is a simple dll extension to the AD Users & Computers management console, needs no changes to your AD, and can be installed on any client with RSAT.

Active Directory Snap-In

Easy365Manager is a snap-in extension to the Active Directory Users & Computers management console.

Install Easy365Manager to any client or server running AD Users & Computers and immediately get access to the following features:

Instant creation of synchronized Office 365 user

Instant creation of shared mailboxes, room and equipment mailboxes

Force Azure AD Connect synchronization to Office 365 (one-click synchronization)

Assign/remove Office 365 licenses and service plans

Configure SMTP aliases (proxyAddresses)

Configure remote routing address (target address)

Create mail-enabled users in Office 365 (users with external mail addresses)

View the number of used and available Office 365 licenses

Edit custom attributes (extension attributes)

Bulk edit Office 365 properties from Active Directory Users & Computers

Set or change the user picture in Office 365

Set the preferred language in Office 365

User Properties Tycho Brahe License Management
User properties, Office 365 tab
User Properties Tycho Brahe Mailbox Management
User properties, Mailbox tab

Configure mailbox delegation

Configure Outlook automapping

Configure save to sent items for send-as/send-on-behalf

View and edit calendar permissions

Configure mail forwarding (and store-and-forward)

Configure automatic replies (out-of-office replies)

Convert mailbox type (user, room, equipment, or shared)

Configure delivery restrictions (accept/reject messages)

View and edit archive settings

See the mailbox usage

Configure mailbox alias

Hide the user from address lists

Configure distribution group owner

Allow/deny external senders to group

Hide the group from address lists

Configure distribution group mail addresses

Configure distribution group send-as permissions

Configure distribution group send-on-behalf permissions

Configure distribution group custom attributes (extensionAttributes)

Configure distribution group mail alias

View distribution group ID and Type in Office 365

Bulk edit distribution group properties

More features coming …

Group properties, Office 365 tab

Great product.
I'm really happy we found it!

Charles-Eric Haché, Head of IT and Telecommunication

City of Sainte-Julie, Canada

We love using Easy365Manager.
The program makes everything a lot more enjoyable for us.

Bram Borkink, Systems Administrator

Linthorst Techniek, Netherlands

Easy365Manager is the missing link
between on-premises and Office 365.

Martin Duggan, Technology Infrastructure Lead

Cornerstone, United Kingdom

Easy365Manager has saved us
tons of time.

Matt Bryant, IT Systems Administrator

Audioscan, Canada

Easy365Manager installation and Exchange removal
was conducted smoothly and rapidly.

Eric Gaillard, IT & Facilities

Addex Therapeutics, Switzerland

Easy365Manager is a real time saver!
Very well thought out software.

Manny Mamakas, Senior Consultant

Greenwire Solutions, United States

Removing my old Exchange server is a game changer!
What a great time-saver to manage Office 365 and AD on one dashboard!


Saint Agnes School, United States

Love this tool!
Works and does everything we need!

Matt Weber, Systems Administrator

Community Bridges, United States

Easy365Manager really took care of a lot of security concerns
by being able to turn off our last Exchange Server.

Marcus Oddo, Systems Administrator

Codac, United States

Easy365Manager has made our work life a lot easier! I recommend this application if you want a simple yet intuitive interface.

Tim Ngo, Director of Information Services

Puget Sound Kidney Centers, United States

The standard way of managing hybrid Office 365 just seems crazy after installing Easy365Manager. It’s a no-brainer!

Mogens Bjerg, Systems Administrator

Moment, Denmark

Loving the product. With nearly 12,000 users, it's making things much simpler for our technicians!

Paul Middleton, IT Administrator

The Cam Academy Trust, United Kingdom