Remote Powershell in Exchange Online Draws Its Final Breath

EXO Remote PowerShell is retired on 3rd of October 2023

It’s been 6 months since we introduced the Exchange REST API in Easy365Manager version 1.8. This was primarily done to anticipate the retirement of remote PowerShell in Exchange Online.

After some delay, Microsoft is now finally taking the big leap tomorrow, Wednesday the 3rd of October, 2023.

Remote PowerShell in Exchange Online Dies on 3rd of October 2023

Starting tomorrow you’ll no longer be able to establish a remote PowerShell session to Exchange Online.

This means you’ll have to use the EXO v3 module – which, by the way, is still based on a beta of the EXO REST API:

PS C:\> get-mailbox lene.hau -Verbose
VERBOSE: Returning precomputed version info: 3.1.0
VERBOSE: POST with -1-byte payload
VERBOSE: received 5147-byte response of content type application/json;charset=utf-8

Name                      Alias           Database                       ProhibitSendQuota    ExternalDirectoryObjectId
----                      -----           --------                       -----------------    -------------------------
Lene Hau                  lene.hau        EURPR09DG188-db035             99 GB (106,300,44... 97d3bc7f-8ee6-4974-9115-c33087ad5600