Last Chance to Upgrade Azure AD Connect!

Azure AD Connect 1.x is being retired 31st of August 2022.

On August 31st, 2022, Microsoft will retire Azure AD Connect 1.x.

(full announcement here)

This means that if you haven’t already upgraded, you need to do it now.

There are different paths to move to the latest version.

In general, you’re advised to do a swing migration and move to the latest operating system.

The migration steps are outlined in the following article.

If your Azure AD Connection synchronization rules are simple (like in most companies), it’s not a big deal.

However, make sure you do proper planning to avoid issues.

Synchronize Azure AD Connect Without Using PowerShell

If you would like to work more efficiently, make sure to try out Easy365Manager.

With Easy365Manager, you can trigger an Azure AD Connect synchronization directly from the properties of any AD user:

Simple as that! No more googling the dreaded syntax and establishing remote PowerShell connections to Azure AD Connect.

Just make the changes on your on-premises user account, check the synchronization box and click Apply.

Easy365Manager is a powerful snap-in for AD Users & Computers that will allow you to perform all daily Office 365 administration from a well-known and intuitive interface.

The primary benefits of Easy365Manager are:

  • Manage Office 365 licenses and mailboxes directly from AD user properties.
  • No need to use the many Microsoft Office 365 web consoles.
  • No need for complex Exchange Online PowerShell scripting.
  • No need for a local on-premises Exchange Server.
  • No need for PowerShell to synchronize Azure AD Connect.

Download the fully functional 30-day trial today.