In Easy365Manager, you can configure “Change Picture” to assign or update a user’s profile photo.

This configuration can be found by opening up properties for a user and selecting the Office 365 tab. From here, you can upload a picture:

In Easy365Manager, the “Change Picture” configuration corresponds to the Set-UserPhoto PowerShell command.

The “Set-UserPhoto” command lets administrators manage user images through PowerShell scripting:

Set-UserPhoto -lene.hau -PhotoData ([System.IO.File]::ReadAllBytes("C:\Photos\userphoto.jpg")) -ContentType "image/jpeg"

By utilizing “Set-UserPhoto,” administrators can ensure consistent user identification across Microsoft 365 services. It is particularly valuable for organizations aiming to maintain a professional appearance within their digital workspace.

Using this command contributes to improved user recognition, collaboration, and overall digital workspace experience.