Set-Place -Building

In Easy365Manager, you make use of the “Building” configuration to assign or modify the building attribute of a room’s location.

Watch a quick video guide here.

You can quickly locate the setting by opening up properties for a Room user, selecting the Mailbox tab, and clicking on Room Settings.

This opens up the following form, where you find “Building” in the Room Settings section:

In Easy365Manager, the “Building” setting corresponds to the ‘Building’ parameter of the Set-Place PowerShell command.

The PowerShell command “Set-Place -Building” is commonly employed in scenarios where a location’s building information needs to be updated or defined:

Set-Place -Identity "Balestreet23-MeetingRoom-2.7" -Building "Balestreet 23"

By using this command, administrators can efficiently manage and organize locations within a system, ensuring accurate building details associated with each place. This is particularly useful in large organizations or systems with multiple physical locations, as it helps maintain accurate records of where resources or activities are situated. Additionally, the command aids in enhancing data categorization, which is crucial for effective reporting, monitoring, and resource allocation.

In summary, the “Set-Place -Building” PowerShell command plays a vital role in maintaining an organized and well-structured system by enabling the assignment or modification of building attributes to specific locations. This promotes accuracy, facilitates resource management, and supports effective decision-making based on location-related data.