In Easy365Manager, you configure “Licences” to enable, disable, and view licences.

This configuration can be found by opening up properties for a user and selecting the Office 365 tab:

In Easy365Manager, the “Licences” configuration corresponds to the Set-MgUserLicense PowerShell command.

The “Set-MgUserLicense” is a PowerShell command used to modify the licensing information of a user in Microsoft 365:

Set-MgUserLicense -UserId lene.hau -AddLicenses "Contoso:ENTERPRISEPACK"

Administrators can use the “Set-MgUserLicense” command to assign or remove licenses from users. This command simplifies the process of adjusting user licenses, which can be particularly useful in organizations with a large number of users or complex licensing requirements.

The “Set-MgUserLicense” command in PowerShell offers a convenient and scriptable way to manage user licenses in Microsoft 365, providing administrators with greater control and efficiency in license management processes.