Set-Mailbox -Type

In Easy365Manager, you configure the Mailbox Type dropdown menu to adjust the mailbox to suit different user scenarios.

You can quickly locate the setting by opening up properties for a user and selecting the Mailbox tab. From here, you can select a Mailbox Type:

In Easy365Manager, the Mailbox Type options correspond to the valid values for the ‘Type’ parameter of the Set-Mailbox PowerShell command.

The PowerShell command “Set-Mailbox -Type” is employed to tailor mailbox functionalities:

Set-Mailbox -Identity lene.hau -Type Shared

The ‘Type’ parameter has several valid values:

“Regular” is the default mailbox type, providing standard email and calendar functions for individual users.

“Room” is ideal for conference rooms, enabling efficient meeting scheduling and management, while preventing regular email interactions.

“Equipment” suits resources like projectors or company vehicles. It facilitates booking and management through the calendar, optimizing resource utilization.

“Shared” fosters collaboration by providing a shared mailbox accessible to multiple users, streamlining information sharing and teamwork.