Set-Mailbox -GrantSendOnBehalfTo

In Easy365Manager, you can add delegates in “Send on behalf,” allowing the designated user or group to send emails on behalf of another mailbox. Replies to these messages are sent to the mailbox rather than to the sender.

Watch a quick video guide here.

You can quickly locate the setting by opening up properties for a user, selecting the Mailbox tab, and clicking on Mailbox Delegation. This opens up the following form, where you find “Send on behalf” in the middle section:

In Easy365Manager, the “Send on behalf” setting corresponds to the ‘GrantSendOnBehalfTo’ parameter of the Set-Mailbox PowerShell command.

The PowerShell command “Set-Mailbox -GrantSendOnBehalfTo” is used in Microsoft Exchange Online environments to grant a user permission to send emails on behalf of another mailbox:

Set-Mailbox -Identity lene.hau -GrantSendOnBehalfTo alexander.adams

The benefit of using this command is that it streamlines the process of managing email communications. Instead of having to log in and out of different accounts, users with the appropriate permissions can send emails on behalf of others directly from their own mailbox. This is particularly useful in scenarios where an assistant needs to manage an executive’s mailbox or when a team member needs to send emails on behalf of a project-specific address. Centralizing the sending process simplifies email management and enhances efficiency.