Set-CalendarProcessing -ProcessExternalMeetingMessages

In Easy365Manager, you configure the “Allow external organizers” checkbox to manage meeting room scheduling.

Watch a quick video guide here.

You can quickly locate the setting by opening up properties for a Room user, selecting the Mailbox tab, and clicking on Room Settings. This opens up the following form, where you find “Allow external organizers” in the Booking Processing section:

In Easy365Manager, the “Allow external organizers” setting corresponds to the ‘ProcessExternalMeetingMessages’ parameter of the Set-CalendarProcessing PowerShell command.

The PowerShell command “Set-CalendarProcessing -ProcessExternalMeetingMessages” controls the processing of external meeting requests for a specific Meeting Room mailbox in Microsoft Exchange Online environments:

Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity "Liverpool12-Conf-1.1" -ProcessExternalMeetingMessages $True

When set to true, the command enables the Meeting Room mailbox to automatically process external meeting requests. This means that the Meeting Room will accept and process meeting invitations from external senders, allowing them to be added to the calendar schedule.

On the other hand, when set to false, external meeting requests are not automatically processed by the Meeting Room mailbox. This prevents external invitations from being added to the calendar schedule.

The benefit of setting the parameter to true is that it streamlines the scheduling process for the Meeting Room. External attendees can easily send invitations, and the room’s availability is accurately reflected in the calendar. Setting the parameter to false is advantageous when stricter control over the Meeting Room schedule is necessary. External meeting requests won’t clutter the calendar, reducing the risk of conflicts or unwanted reservations.