In some cases, you may see an error when accessing the Office 365 or the Mailbox tab:

“Easy365Manager Product License: An unknown error occurred when validating the product license. Please consult the event log.”

When you click OK, the Easy365Manager settings form opens up, stating an error in the Registrant field: “Invalid license”:

This problem indicates that Easy365Manager cannot connect to the Easy365Manager licensing service to validate your license.

The license service is hosted on the URL and accessed via TCP 443.

You can quickly verify the access by putting the following URL in a browser on the same system where you use Easy365Manager: “”.

If your system is able to access, you should see this:

If your system is unable to access the URL your browser will see an error message: “Can’t reach this page” (or similar).

Investigate routing and outbound firewall filtering between your system and the Internet to solve this problem.