Connection to WinRM Port 5985 Failed

In some situations you may encounter the following error message in Easy365Manager:

Error Connection failed WinRM port 5985

This error message indicates that Easy365Manager cannot connect with the Windows Remote Management (Win-RM) service on the Azure AD Connect server you configured.

This may be due to either of the following:

  1. The Windows Remote Management service is not running on the Azure AD Connect server
  2. A firewall is blocking the connection
  3. Azure AD Connect service binding is set to localhost

To fix the first problem please refer to step 3 in the System Requirements.

To fix the second problem examine if the firewall on the Azure AD Connect server is blocking inbound TCP 5985 connections. Also check any firewalls placed between the Easy365Manager client and the Azure AD Connect server.

To diagnose and fix the third problem please refer to this article.

For general information on the prerequisites of Easy365Manager have a look at the official documentation.