IP Lookup Webpart

Locate IP

With the Easy365Manager IP Lookup Webpart you can easily host your own fancy IP lookup service.

On initial loading of the webpart it will display the client IP address, so it also functions as a “show my public IP” service. The input field takes an IP address or a domain name.

After the globe has zoomed to the geo location of the IP address you can use your mouse to rotate and zoom to any place.

The IP Lookup webpart is a simple iFrame that you can embed in your webpage using the following sample HTML code:

<iframe src="https://iplookup.easy365manager.com/iplookup" height="400"></iframe>

Experiment with the height to find what’s best suited for your web page.

If you want to exclude the text from the result and only show the 3D interactive world map you can use the following HTML code:

<iframe src="https://iplookup.easy365manager.com/iplookup/iplookup?mode=maponly" height="430" scrolling="no"></iframe>