How to Set Out-of-Office in Exchange Admin Center

Configuring out-of-office with Exchange Admin Center

Configuring the out-of-office (aka auto-reply) on an Exchange Online mailbox is not a very pleasant experience – at least not if you use the Exchange Admin Center.

The easiest way to configure out-of-office is by using Easy365Manager, a snap-in for the AD Users & Computers tool:

With Easy365Manager it’s super easy to locate the auto-reply (out-of-office) configuration of a user’s Exchange Online mailbox.

Easy365Manager even lets you view and manage the scheduling of users’ mailboxes. This feature is not available from Exchange Admin Center.

Configure Auto-Reply With the Exchange Admin Center

To configure mailbox auto-reply using the Exchange Admin Center, you must start by locating the mailbox in the Exchange Admin Center.

Click on “Others” and then click on “Manage automatic replies”:

Auto-Reply configuration with Exchange Admin Center

This will open up the configuration of automatic replies on the user’s mailbox:

Auto-Reply configuration with Exchange Admin Center

As you see, there is no information regarding the scheduling of the automatic reply.

If a schedule is configured, even an active one, Exchange Admin Center will display the auto-reply configuration as disabled!

This is very misleading and can cause a big time waste in the helpdesk.

With Easy365Manager, you have complete control of the auto-reply scheduling.

Download a free 30-day trial of Easy365Manager here.

Easy365Manager only takes a couple of minutes to install, requires no changes to your infrastructure, and can run on any system with AD Users & Computers, even a Windows 10 PC.

Watch the following on-demand webinar to find answers to the most common questions regarding Easy365Manager: