How to Get the Azure AD Connect Server Version

Azure AD Connect Server version number

Azure AD Connect has been on a long journey.

It was originally released as DirSync in 2009 and in 2015 was replaced by Azure AD Connect.

Azure AD Connect is frequently updated and version 1.1.105 released in 2016 introduced auto upgrade of Azure AD Connect.

It’s therefore convenient to be able to quickly retrieve your current Azure AD Connect version number.

This may also be a necessary step when troubleshooting the simple one-click Azure AD Connect synchronization that you can perform from AD Users & Computers with Easy365Manager:

Use PowerShell to Get the Azure AD Connect Version

To quickly grab the version number of your Azure AD Connect Server you can use the following command:

((Get-ADSyncGlobalSettings).Parameters | ? {$_.Name -Like "*ServerConfigurationVersion"}).Value

Depending on your version number the output will look similar to the following:

PS C:\> ((Get-ADSyncGlobalSettings).Parameters | ? {$_.Name -Like "*ServerConfigurationVersion"}).Value

Use Windows Settings to Get the Azure AD Connect Version

You can also retrieve the Azure AD Connect Server version from Windows Settings.

Go to Windows Settings and Apps and locate Microsoft Azure AD Connect:

Azure AD Connect Server version

The version number is listed just below the application name.

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