How to Find Your Office 365 Tenant Name

How to find your Office 365 tenant name

This article will show you how to find your tenant name using the Office 365 Portal or PowerShell.

Find Your Tenant Name Using the Office 365 Portal

Follow these simple steps to identify your tenant name using the web console:

  1. Open the Office 365 Admin Center, click Setup and select Domain (direct link)
  2. Identify the domain name that has three parts and ends with “”
How to identify your Office 365 tenant name

Find Your Tenant Name Using PowerShell

If you prefer to use the PowerShell console the following commands will get you the Office 365 tenant name:

(Get-MsolDomain | Where-Object {$_.isInitial}).name

The commands require that the MSOnline PowerShell module is installed. For more information on how to connect to Office 365 using PowerShell read this article.

The output will list your tenant name. If you’re signing up for a trial version of Easy365Manager, the output from this command is what’s needed as tenant name during registration.

Find Your Primary (Default) Office 365 Domain Name

If you’re not looking for the tenant name but the primary (default) domain name of your Office 365 installation have a look at this.

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