How to Find Your Azure AD Edition: Free, P1, P2

Azure AD Edition / Subscription lookup.

Your Azure AD edition type defines the features available to your admins and users.

With the standard/free Azure AD edition, you have all the basic features. Applying a P1 or P2 license will introduce additional advanced features.

Below you’ll find some examples of prominent features only available with the P1 subscription:

The P2 license includes all of the P1 features and some additional features, e.g.:

Check the following website for a more detailed overview of the difference in features:

Identify the Azure AD Edition Using the Azure Portal

To check which edition your Azure AD is capable of, log in to the Azure AD Portal and look in the overview section:

Azure AD Edition / Subscription lookup.
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Azure AD Free indicates you only have the basic features.

Azure AD Premium P1 or P2 will indicate advanced features are available.

Identify the Azure AD Edition Using PowerShell

You can also use PowerShell to see if you have the P1 or P2 license available in your tenant.

Connect to Microsoft Graph using the following command:

Connect-MgGraph -TenantId [tenant id]

Then use the following command to check for the availability of the P1 or P2 license:

(Get-MgSubscribedSku).ServicePlans | ? { $_.ServicePlanName -Like 'AAD_PREMIUM*' }

Depending on the available licenses output may look like this:

PS C:\> (Get-MgSubscribedSku).ServicePlans | ? { $_.ServicePlanName -Like 'AAD_PREMIUM*' }

AppliesTo ProvisioningStatus ServicePlanId                        ServicePlanName
--------- ------------------ -------------                        ---------------
User      Success            eec0eb4f-6444-4f95-aba0-50c24d67f998 AAD_PREMIUM_P2
User      Success            41781fb2-bc02-4b7c-bd55-b576c07bb09d AAD_PREMIUM