How to Bulk Edit Office 365

Office 365 bulk editing with Easy365Manager

The move from AD Users & Computers to Office 365 web consoles has disappointed many admins:

  • You must navigate multiple consoles to configure users, licenses, and mailboxes.
  • It’s sometimes difficult to find the properties you want to change.
  • Bulk editing of Office 365 users and mailboxes is not supported.

The many heterogenous web consoles and the confusion of attribute authority put a lot of pressure on daily operations.

A unique solution to all of these problems is quickly becoming the favorite tool for helpdesks supporting hybrid Office 365.

AD Integrated Office 365 Management

Easy365Manager is a snap-in to Active Directory Users & Computers.

The AD Users & Computers tool launched with Windows 2000 and is well-known and intuitive to most IT admins.

With Easy365Manager, you perform your AD and your Office 365 management from the comfort of the AD Users & Computers tool.

Easy365Manager requires no infrastructure changes and you can install it in less than a minute.

Immediately after the installation, your user objects now have two new tabs, as seen here:

Easy365Manager Office 365 user properties
The new "Office 365" tab in user properties.
Exchange Online Mailbox properties in AD Users & Computers
The new "Mailbox" tab in user properties.

The two new tabs expose all the settings you need for daily management of Office 365 licenses and mailboxes.

For first-level support teams, this is a huge time saver because everything is now managed in a single, familiar, and intuitive console.

For senior IT staff, this frees up a lot of resources as many PowerShell tasks, like calendar delegation, can now be handled via an intuitive graphical user interface and therefore move to the first-level support team.

How to Make Bulk Updates to Office 365 Mailboxes

Contrary to the Office 365 web consoles, the AD Users & Computers tool supports bulk editing.

This includes most settings in the new Easy365Manager tabs.

If, e.g., you want to grant several IT supporters full access to multiple shared mailboxes, you can select the shared mailbox user accounts and configure them in one go:

It’s called Easy365Manager for a reason! 😉

Download your 30-day trial of Easy365Manager here, and join a fast-growing list of companies that choose to work smarter instead of harder.