Frequently Asked Questions​

Easy365Manager integrates nicely with the well-known Active Directory Users & Computers tool by adding two new tabs to user properties. The settings in the two new tabs allows you to do daily tasks without using PowerShell or logging on to the Office 365 Portal.

To install Easy365Manager you need the 64 bit version of Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or later. You must install Powershell 5.1 or later and you must have the AD Users & Computers management snap-in installed before you install Easy365Manager. You also need to register your tenant name using the download form.

Yes. We offer 14 days free trial with full email and phone support. You need to register your tenant name in our database but you don’t have to register your credit card. Please download your free trial here.

No. Unless you need public folders or other legacy stuff you don’t need it. Your Office 365 environment can be managed using Easy365Manager without Exchange on-prem. This includes scenarios with ADFS.

We implement new features based on demand. If you’re missing something please contact us and we will include your request in the prioritization of new feature implementations.

Use the Proxy Addresses button to see the mail addresses associated with the user. You can delete existing ones, add new ones and set the primary (sending) mail address.

Some of the changes made in Easy365Manager are made directly in Office 365 (e.g. mailbox quotas). Other changes are made to the user attributes in your on-prem AD (e.g. mail alias). Using Easy365Manager you have the option to immediately trigger a synchronization to Office 365 after making changes. Simply tick the “Synchronize AD with Office 365” check box in the bottom left corner of the Office 365 tab before clicking OK or Apply:

Easy365Manager is licensed per tenant. Any number of admins can manage any number of users as long as all users are in the same tenant.

Easy365Manager is licensed per tenant. You can install Easy365Manager on any number of systems to manage the same tenant.

Yes. All updates are included in your license fee, there are no extra costs. New features and support are part of your yearly license fee.

We offer support by phone and by email. If you don’t find the question to your answers in this FAQ please find our contact details here.

If you have a slow Internet connection installation may take a few minutes. To ensure you have a fully functional MSOnline PowerShell module installed we retrieve the latest version of NuGet and MSOnline from Microsoft’s PowerShell Gallery.