Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install Easy365Manager to more machines?


You can install Easy365Manager on any number of machines using a single license.

For full details about licensing, please read this.

Can my entire team share a single Easy365Manager license?



Any number of admins can use a single Easy365Manager license to manage your hybrid Office 365 tenant.


For full details about licensing please read this.

What about security?

We’re happy to hear you care about security – we do too.


Easy365Manager follows state-of-the-art Microsoft best practices by performing all Office 365 authentication via OAuth2. OAuth2 supports MFA and ensures Easy365Manager can never know your admin credentials. After successful authentication, Easy365Manager receives an access token used to perform license and mailbox management in Office 365.


To avoid logging on to Office 365 every time you start AD Users & Computers, Easy365Manager caches the token in your user profile on disk. The token is persisted via the Windows Data Protection API, ensuring that the token is protected by your AD credentials and the local computer credentials.


To provide an extra layer of security Easy365Manager “salts” the encrypted token before persisting it. So effectively, you can only access it via Easy365Manager, and while being logged in to the system where it’s stored.


As the token is stored in your user profile, this also means Easy365Manager follows the security best practice of using individual credentials. Therefore, all admins must configure Easy365Manager with their personal Office 365 credentials. The use of individual credentials allows you to track all Office 365 changes using the unified audit log.

Must I run Easy365Manager from my Domain Controller?



You can run Easy365Manager from any server or client PC that has Active Directory Users & Computers (RSAT) installed.

Is support and major upgrades included in the license?



For full details about licensing please read this.

Do you have discounts for MSPs, NGOs, and SMBs?



Request a discounted MSP license here.


Request a discounted non-profit NGO license here.


Request a discounted SMB license here.


Please read this for full details about licensing, prices, and SMB discounts.

Does Easy365Manager change my Active Directory schema?



Easy365Manager is a small footprint snap-in to the Active Directory Users & Computers management console. No changes are made to your Active Directory – except, of course, for the easy user and group management, you perform using it.

Will I lose Microsoft support if I use Easy365Manager?


Your environment is still supported by Microsoft. Microsoft, however, does not support Easy365Manager. We support it.

Please refer to this article for details on Microsoft’s position on this.

In the unlikely event that you experience issues related to Easy365Manager, we will help you reproduce the problem using standard tools/scripting and address the issue to Microsoft.

Do you use voodoo to modify Entra ID?

No (Voodoo? Really?!? What kind of a question is that?)


Easy365Manager uses the standard Microsoft Graph and Exchange Online programmatic interfaces. Easy365Manager orchestrates and combines these actions in the background to allow you to work seamlessly and efficiently from an intuitive graphical user interface.