Save Mail in Sent Items of Shared Mailbox Using Send on Behalf

Configure Send on Behalf save copy to sent items

Granting a user Send on Behalf permissions to a mailbox will allow the user to send emails on behalf of that mailbox.

This is useful, e.g., if an assistant needs to send out emails on behalf of a manager or if multiple users need to send out emails on behalf of a shared mailbox, e.g., to perform customer support.

However, by default, any email sent using Send on Behalf permissions will only appear in the sent items folder of the actual sender – not in the sent items of the mailbox it was sent on behalf.

This article will show you how to fix this.

How to Save a Copy of Sent on Behalf Emails in the Sent Items Folder

With Easy365Manager, you can manage this setting from user properties in Active Directory Users and Computers.

Open up properties of any user, select the Mailbox tab, and click Mailbox Delegation:

Easy365Manager AD Users & Computers, user properties, Mailbox tab

To ensure that all emails sent with Send on Behalf permissions are stored in the sent items folder of the mailbox, you only need to select the check box:

Configure Send On Behalf Save Copy with Easy365Manager

Click OK twice to apply the new setting.

Use PowerShell to Configure Save a Copy of Sent On Behalf Emails

Without Easy365Manager, you’re stuck with PowerShell for this configuration and many others.

Connect to Exchange Online and use the following command to configure the mailbox to store a copy of Send On Behalf emails in the sent items folder of the mailbox:

Set-Mailbox -MessageCopyForSendOnBehalfEnabled $true


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