New-RemoteMailbox step-by-step work flow

In a hybrid Office 365 environment, the New-RemoteMailbox CmdLet is often used to provision an on-premises user with an Office 365 mailbox.

The New-RemoteMailbox CmdLet will create an on-premises user account, an Office 365 user, and an Exchange Online mailbox.

Running the New-RemoteMailbox CmdLet looks similar to this:

[PS] C:\>New-RemoteMailbox -Name "Ole Olsen" -Password $Pass -UserPrincipalName
  -OnPremisesOrganizationalUnit "OU=Denmark,OU=Users,OU=E365M,DC=easy365manager,DC=local"

Creating a new session for implicit remoting of "New-RemoteMailbox" command...

Name            RecipientTypeDetails          RemoteRecipientType
----            --------------------          -------------------
Ole Olsen       RemoteUserMailbox             ProvisionMailbox

Notice that the Office 365 account is not licensed automatically.

For a shared mailbox, that’s fine, but for standard users, you need to assign an Exchange Online license before the 30-day grace period expires. This can be done via the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

You’ll also need AD Users & Computers to configure additional properties of the on-premises users.

Finally, you’ll need to create a remote PowerShell connection to Azure AD Connect in order to force a replication unless you want to wait up to 30 minutes before all pieces are glued together.

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Remote (Office 365) Mailbox

For many admins, the tedious workflow of provisioning new user mailboxes is unacceptable.

The complexity and many tools involved in the process make it difficult to hand over the process to first-level supporters:

New-RemoteMailbox step-by-step work flow
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That’s why more and more companies are looking for a smoother process via third-party tools.

Easy365Manager is the leading tool in consolidated Active Directory and Office 365 management.

It’s the only tool available that functions as a snap-in to Active Directory Users & Computers. This leverages a familiar GUI that any first-level supporter already knows how to navigate.

With Easy365Manager, you can easily provision Office 365 users and shared mailboxes directly from AD Users & Computers.

Additionally, you can set up mailbox delegation and many other properties without needing to log in to multiple web consoles:

Since Easy365Manager allows you to do all daily mailbox provisioning and management from AD, you no longer need to run an on-premises Exchange Server for pure admin purposes.

Removing your on-premises Exchange Server will generate immediate direct savings and provide 100% protection from the increasing number of zero-day exploits specifically targeting Exchange on-premises.

Easy365Manager will save your helpdesk a lot of time and enable you to offload complex tasks to first-level support.

You can install Easy365Manager on any PC or server running AD Users & Computers.

Easy365Manager does not make any changes to your infrastructure and only takes a few minutes to install and configure.

Download a fully-functional 30-day trial of Easy365Manager here.