Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Microsoft 365 Admin Center Header

Several tools are available to manage Office 365 users, mailboxes, and licenses.

One of them is the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, which can be accessed using the following link:

The Microsoft 365 Admin Center allows you to manage various aspects of Azure AD users, license, delegation of admin rights, configure new Office 365 domains, and more:

Microsoft 365 Admin Center

As you’ll notice in the lower section of the left-side menus, you also find links to several other Admin Centers:

  • The Azure Active Directory Admin Center
  • The Exchange Online Admin Center
  • The Compliance Admin Center
  • Etc.

The large number of different admin center web consoles, sometimes overlapping in functionality, can be pretty confusing to many admins:

  • Office 365 licenses can be assigned in both the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and the Azure AD Admin Center.
  • Mailbox delegation can be configured in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and the Exchange Online Admin Center.
  • And some settings, like calendar access and Outlook automapping, can only be managed through PowerShell.

Microsoft 365 Administration Inside Active Directory

A popular alternative to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center is Easy365Manager.

Easy365Manager brings an end to the confusing mix of web consoles by consolidating Active Directory and Office 365 administration.

Easy365Manager is a snap-in to Active Directory Users & Computers, that extends user properties to support operations that normally would require the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, the Exchange Online Admin Center, PowerShell, and even Azure AD Connect.

Administrators save a lot of time in their daily work by being able to manage everything from AD Users & Computers.

As an example Office 365 licenses can now be managed directly from user properties in AD:

Create an Office 365 mailbox using Easy365Manager

Office 365 mailboxes can also be configured from Active Directory. Even properties like calendar delegation, which Microsoft only supports using PowerShell:

How to delegate calendar permissions with Easy365Manager

For a complete list of the features of Easy365Manager, go here.

Remove Your On-Premises Exchange Server

A considerable benefit of having Easy365Manager is the ability to remove your on-premises Exchange Server.

In the hybrid Office 365 environment, email addresses are edited via the proxyAddresses attribute in the on-premises Active Directory.

Microsoft suggests keeping an on-premises Exchange Server to manage the on-premises mail attributes – even after doing a complete migration to Office 365.

Unfortunately, an on-premises Exchange Server is a popular target to hackers. This was on full display during the first half of 2021 when the Hafnium zero-day exploit compromised hundreds of thousands of Exchange on-premises servers.

With Easy365Manager, you get intelligent editing of mail attributes like proxyAddresses. Easy365Manager will check the validity and uniqueness across your organization to protect you from configuration errors:

How to edit proxyAddresses using AD Users & Computers with Easy365Manager

Free Fully Functional 30-Day Trial

If you’d like to try a life without constantly logging in to Microsoft 365 Admin Center and Exchange Admin Center, googling PowerShell commands, and performing manual Azure AD Connect synchronization – look no further!

Easy365Manager is available as a fully functional 30-day trial that can be downloaded here.

You can install it to any server or client running Active Directory Users & Computers, and it requires no changes to your AD.

The installation and configuration are very simple, and Easy365Manager comes with free, unlimited support.