Set-ADUser MailNickname

In Easy365Manager, you can change a user’s Alias, which is helpful in simplifying recipient addresses and ensuring efficient communication.

Watch a quick video here.

This configuration can be found by opening up properties for a user and selecting the Mailbox tab. From here you can type an Alias for the user:

In Easy365Manager, typing an Alias has the same effect as using the Set-ADUser PowerShell command to change a MailNickname.

The PowerShell command “Set-ADUser” serves to modify a user’s attributes within an Active Directory environment. Among the attributes that can be altered is the “MailNickname,” which corresponds to a user’s email alias or nickname.

Use the ‘Add’ parameter when creating an alias for a user with no previous alias:

Set-ADUser -Identity -Add @{MailNickname="lene.hau"}

The ‘Replace’ parameter replaces the existing alias with a new one:

Set-ADUser -Identity lene.hau -Replace @{MailNickname="lhau"}

The ‘Clear’ parameter removes the alias:

Set-ADUser -Identity "lene.hau" -Clear MailNickname

Using the “Set-ADUser” command offers several benefits. It enables administrators to quickly and accurately update user attributes across the Active Directory domain. This central management simplifies maintenance tasks and ensures consistent data. Adjusting the MailNickname directly impacts email routing, making it easier to remember and share email addresses. Additionally, maintaining accurate and recognizable email aliases enhances communication and minimizes the risk of misdirected messages.