How to Create a Shared Mailbox in Office 365

It’s very easy to create an Office 365 shared mailbox using Easy365Manager.

Some admins prefer to create shared mailboxes as cloud only, others prefer to have it synchronized with an on-prem user account (read this article for more info).

We definitely think having a synchronized on-prem account behind your shared mailboxes is the best solution. You have a full overview of your resources in your local Active Directory and using Easy365Manager you can manage everything in AD Users & Computers using this approach.

Open Active Directory Users & Computers with the Easy365Manager extension and perform the following steps to create an Office 365 shared mailbox.

Create a new user account in your on-premises Active Directory and make sure to configure the country (click Apply after setting the country info):

Easy365Manager Shared Mailbox 01
Easy365Manager Shared Mailbox 02

Go to the Office 365 tab and click Create in Office 365. Select Shared Mailbox in the pop up menu:

Easy365Manager Shared Mailbox 03
Easy365Manager Shared Mailbox 04

The status will change to “Creating in Office 365…” and after a few seconds you will see the properties of the user account:

This means the shared mailbox user account has now been created in Office 365 and the mailbox is being created. Please allow a short moment for Azure to provision the mailbox.

To give your mail users access to the shared mailbox go to the Mailbox tab and click Mailbox Delegation:

Easy365Manager Shared Mailbox 07
Easy365Manager Shared Mailbox 08