How to Create a Mail-enabled User

With Easy365Manager you can create Office 365 mail enabled users directly from the Active Directory Users & Computers tool.

Follow the below steps to create a mail-enabled Office 365 user that is synchronized with your local Active Directory for easy management.

1. Open Active Directory Users & Computers and create a new user account. Remember to set the country information and click apply before configuring Office 365 properties:

2. Go to the Office 365 tab and click Create in Office 365 and select Normal User:

3. Go to the Mailbox tab and click Mail Enable and click Apply:

4. Go back to the Office 365 tab and click the Proxy Addresses button to set up mail forwarding for the mail user. First add the desired external mail address as an SMTP mail alias. Next, select the newly created alias in the Set as remote routing address dropdown:

5. For faster replication with Office 365 you can tick the Synchronize AD with Office 365 checkbox before clicking OK. This will trigger a replication of Azure AD Connect:

And that’s it! Once all information is fully replicated in Azure AD and Exchange Online your new account is ready for use.