How to Configure Easy365Manager After Installation

Once Easy365Manager is installed, you must start Active Directory Users & Computers. When you open up user properties, you will find two new tabs, “Office 365” and “Mailbox”:

Easy365Manager User Properties

On the first run, selecting either of the new tabs will open the Settings menu. Log in to MS Graph and Exchange Online by clicking the login buttons.

Your login is processed via standard Office 365 user authentication. If your account is configured for multi-factor authentication, you will be prompted accordingly:

Easy365Manager Office 365 authentication

Please notice that Easy365Manager will not know your password at any time!

If you have not given consent to Microsoft Graph PowerShell previously, then you need to do that to allow Microsoft Graph PowerShell to impersonate you when interacting with Microsoft Graph.

You have the option to consent on behalf of your organization, and we recommend you do this:

Consent to Microsoft Graph PowerShell with Easy365Manager

If you have non-global admins that will use Easy365Manager, consent on behalf of your organization will ensure they can authenticate seamlessly with Easy365Manager. Without organizational consent, you will need to run PowerShell scripts to manage consent at a later stage.

We have created this script to assign consent on behalf of your organization at a later point or to assign consent to individual users.

For more details on Microsoft Graph PowerShell consent, read this.

If you get errors or warnings from Internet Explorer during authentication, read this.

You also need to set the name of your Azure AD Connect server if you have Azure AD Connect.

Easy365Manager will try to ‘guess’ the name of your Azure AD Connect server. If the information is not filled out correctly, you can simply enter the proper server name:

Easy365Manager Azure AD Config

(If you’re not installing Easy365Manager on your Azure AD Connect server, make sure to follow step 3 here)

Once the information is confirmed, and your Easy365Manager license has been validated, you can start viewing and modifying Office 365 and Exchange Online information of user accounts, distribution groups, and contacts:

User Properties Tycho Brahe License Management

User Properties Tycho Brahe Mailbox Management
User properties, “Mailbox” tab
Easy365Manager group properties
Group properties, “Office 365” tab