Updated: 23rd of September, 2021

Dear Office 365 Admin,

We get it.

Office 365 management can be a real pain.

Eating up too much of your time.

The constant switching between multiple management tools:

  • AD Users & Computers
  • Microsoft 365 Admin Center
  • Exchange Online Admin Center
  • Exchange On-Premises Admin Center
  • Azure AD Connect
  • PowerShell

Not to mention the on-premises Exchange Server you still need to maintain to manage email attributes in your local Active Directory.


Do you sometimes find yourself asking:

“Why are so many steps and tools needed to create a simple user account with an Office 365 mailbox?”

Trust us – you’re not the only one.

Working as a Microsoft Solution Provider for more than 15 years, we heard this question so often we stopped counting.

Instead, we started thinking:

What if Active Directory user managementmail attribute managementOffice 365 mailbox management, and Office 365 license management could all be done in one unified tool?

What if this tool was so simple and intuitive that any Active Directory admin could pick it up and use it?

What if this tool could even eliminate the need for an on-premises Exchange Server once and for all?

Our answer to these questions is Easy365Manager.

With Easy365Manager, you can handle all daily AD user and Office 365 mailbox management from the AD Users & Computers tool!

You’ll begin saving hours every week starting just a few minutes after the installation.

And you can finally get rid of your on-premises Exchange Server – including all the patching, monitoring, and virus attacks that come along with it.

Begin your new admin life now by downloading and test driving the free 30-day trial of Easy365Manager!