Cannot Run Hybrid Configuration Wizard

Cannot run Hybrid Configuration Wizard

Sometimes you’ll receive an error trying to run the Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard, aka HCW.

The official download link provided by Microsoft is

And when you open it in your browser, you see the following message:

Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) open error

When you click Open, it just loops the dialog box.

How to Run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard

The Hybrid Configuration Wizard is published as a .application file and needs to be processed by the ClickOnce Application Deployment Support Library.

You, therefore, need to associate the .application file extension with ClickOnce Application Deployment.

Open Settings, click on System, select Default Apps, and click on Choose default apps by file type:

Application settings, default file associations

Then find the .application file type and associate it with ClickOnce Application Deployment:

Application settings, default file associations

Then go back to your browser and open up to run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard.

A Life Without Exchange On-Premises

The problem of running the Hybrid Configuration Wizard is just one of many problems related to Exchange On-Premises.

After all, there is a reason you decided to migrate your email to the cloud, right?

Many companies are unhappy that they must continue running Exchange on-premises after migrating to Exchange Online.

Even though the license is free, there are a lot of hidden costs associated with Exchange Server.

With a background in cloud migration services, we had a front seat to the many pains of managing hybrid Office 365.

That’s why we came up with Easy365Manager.

Easy365Manager is a snap-in to AD Users & Computers that eliminates all of the pains associated with the day-to-day management of hybrid Office 365:

  • You can remove your Exchange on-premises server.
  • You can work from one console instead of numerous web consoles.
  • Being integrated with AD Users & Computers, it’s a well-known interface with zero learning curve.

With Easy365Manager, your first-level supporters can even manage complex configurations like calendar delegation, Outlook automapping, and auto-reply scheduling.

Without using a single line of PowerShell:

Try out the 30-day trial of Easy365Manager. You can run it in parallel with your on-premises Exchange Server.