Active Directory Management Tool

Active Directory management tools for effective AD management.

The preferred tool to manage Active Directory is, without comparison, Active Directory Users & Computers – also known as AD Users & Computers, or simply “ADUC”:

Active Directory Users & Computers

The AD Users & Computers administration tool was released in the year 2000 when Microsoft launched Windows Server 2000 and Active Directory.

AD Users & Computers is probably the most resilient piece of software that ever existed:

How many other graphical user interfaces in computers (or any type of electronics) look pretty much the same after more than two decades of good use?

Active Directory Users & Computers is clearly a very popular tool that admins feel comfortable working with.

ADUC is installed automatically on domain controllers, but you can also install it on any server or PC.

Manage Office 365 From AD Users & Computers

Even with the introduction of Office 365, AD Users & Computers continues to play an important role.

However, admins are generally not impressed by the mixed bag of administrative tools needed for daily operations of hybrid Office 365:

  • AD Users & Computers to manage AD users and groups.
  • Exchange on-premises to manage AD email attributes.
  • Exchange online web console to manage Office 365 mailboxes.
  • Azure Portal or Microsoft 365 Admin Center to manage licenses.
  • Exchange Online PowerShell to manage calendar permissions, Outlook automapping, etc.
  • Azure AD Connect PowerShell to trigger synchronizations.

It’s an administrative nightmare and often leaves third-level support carrying out tasks that really belong to first-level support.

That is why many companies in all verticals have started using third-party tools that extend the functionality of AD Users & Computers.

One such tool is Easy365Manager, which seamlessly integrates Office 365 administration into your standard AD management.

In less than one minute, you can install Easy365Manager and get new helpful features inside Active Directory Users & Computers:

Active Directory Users & Computers with Easy365Manager snap-in.

With the Easy365Manager snap-in, you gain access to configure all sorts of properties on your Office 365 mailboxes.

You can even configure settings that normally require advanced PowerShell scripting, like calendar permissions and Outlook automapping of shared mailboxes:

Using Active Directory Standard Management Tools

Without Easy365Manager, you are stuck with an array of heterogenous admin tools.

As an example, have a look at email address configuration:

Email addresses are stored in the proxyAddresses attribute, which has very complex requirements. AD Users & Computers does not include any logic to safely manage proxyAddresses.

With the AD Users & Computers management tool, you can only do raw editing, which is very error-prone.

Microsoft’s only “intelligent” method to manage this attribute is the on-premises Exchange Server web console, which offers a very different experience relative to AD Users & Computers:

And to be honest, who wants to keep an on-premises Exchange Server around if you’re fully migrated to Office 365?

With Easy365Manager, a simple snap-in to AD Users & Computers, you can safely edit proxyAddresses knowing that all syntax and uniqueness requirements are checked:

You will save a lot of time being able to perform all daily administration from Active Directory Users & Computers with the Easy365Manager snap-in, including:

  • ProxyAddresses configuration.
  • Mailbox delegation.
  • Calendar delegation.
  • Mailbox type conversion.
  • Azure AD Connect synchronization.
  • And a lot more.

To try out Easy365Manager, download the fully-functional 30-day trial.

Easy365Manager is a simple snap-in to AD Users & Computers and does not require any changes to your infrastructure.

The intuitive and well-known interface will see you immediately saving hours of admin time.